Painting Calligraphy Canvases

This 7 part video course teaches students how to create handcrafted canvas artwork

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This 7 part video course teaches students how to create handcrafted canvas artwork. In specific, we’ll be going over methods and techniques for creating handcrafted canvas artwork and handcrafted apparel art creation and application.

This is Module 2 of Omar Uddin's Creative Calligrapher Program.

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Omar Uddin
Omar Uddin

Pakistani-born Canadian artist Omar Uddin is an Arabic calligraphy expert who began learning the traditional art as a young child. After having moved to Canada at the age of 12 and seeing how beautiful everyone around him found the art form, he found a passion for teaching the art to people of all nationalities, languages, and religious backgrounds. Today, Omar is the author of 2 books that teach the prestigious art in the English language, and is the founder of MyQalam Academy, an online academy with more than 6 thousand students from 102 different countries. The academy hosts a range of courses – from those that focus on the traditional scripting of the art, to more practical programs that empower today’s artists with starting their own art ventures.

Omar’s art portfolio includes structural calligraphic designs for numerous landmark mosques in North America. His goal when creating any of his artwork is to emphasize the mystical nature and sheer beauty of the calligraphic scripts as well as deliver a thought provoking message or idea.

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