Creative Calligrapher Program

Learn how to create, digitize, scale, promote, and sell your art.

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This is our flagship program that will teach you how to create, digitize, scale, promote, and ultimately sell your artwork. The following topics will be discussed in great detail:

* Techniques of handcrafting calligraphy canvas artwork
* Converting handcrafted artwork to digital format
* Creating handcrafted and digital artwork to create scalable products
* Creating calligraphy designs using vector sheets
* Creating vinyl artwork and wall decals
* Creating large format masterpieces
* Setting up your own online shop

There are also 2 bonuses that come with the program to make your art business completely scalable:

* Bonus 1: Publishing a Content, Activity, or Colouring Book on Amazon
* Bonus 2: Baslics of Online Marketing for Artists

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete beginner in calligraphy, is this program still relevant to me?
Actually, you don't need any prior experience in scripting calligraphy; it's obviously a huge bonus if you do but as I'll be providing by the scale vector files for each letter modules in the Thuluth script, you can essentially construct all your artwork digitally and produce products as per the instructions in this course.
Who is this program intended for?
The program is designed for aspiring and amateur calligraphy artists looking take their art to the next level. Since my experience has primarily been with Arabic calligraphy, the course focuses on this specific art form, however, the techniques taught could be applied to calligraphy of all languages and scripts.
What can I achieve after going this program?
Frankly speaking, the transformation could be life changing. For almost a decade, I myself carried the art as a side hobby along with a full-time job, simply due to the limiting belief that true prosperity could never come out of something like calligraphy. It wasn't until I mastered the lessons I teach in this course that I was able to quit my full-time job and become an art entrepreneur making 6 figures a year - and I hope you can achieve the same. Your goals could be different; perhaps you're only looking to learn alternative methods of expressing your creativity, or may just want a side income - if this is you, there's still a lot of value you can extract from this course. Having said that, a big focus of this course is on monetization.
What software and tools will I need to go through this course?
Digital Design: Any vector based software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel DRAW would suffice. In this course, we'll be using Adobe Illustrator. It would also be helpful to have Adobe Photoshop, though this is not necessary. Vinyl Decal and Apparel Design: You can use one of numerous on-demand local or online vinyl cutting services or you can invest in an entry level vinyl cutter for $200-300. You'll pay off your equipment by selling just a few decals so the investment is definitely worth it. Online Shop Platform: Any online shopping platform like Shopify, Woocommerce, or Etsy could used. In this course we'll be using Shopify and Fine Art America. Publishing Your Artwork: At bare minimum, in additional to Adobe Illustrator, you should have a simple word processing software like Microsoft Word. My recommendation will be to use Adobe Indesign, and that's the program we'll be using in the bonus section of this course. Online Advertising Tools: In this program, our primary focus will be on Facebook Ads.

Your Instructor

Omar Uddin
Omar Uddin

Pakistani-born Canadian artist Omar Uddin is an Arabic calligraphy expert who began learning the traditional art as a young child. After having moved to Canada at the age of 12 and seeing how beautiful everyone around him found the art form, he found a passion for teaching the art to people of all nationalities, languages, and religious backgrounds. Today, Omar is the author of 2 books that teach the prestigious art in the English language, and is the founder of MyQalam Academy, an online academy with more than 6 thousand students from 102 different countries. The academy hosts a range of courses – from those that focus on the traditional scripting of the art, to more practical programs that empower today’s artists with starting their own art ventures.

Omar’s art portfolio includes structural calligraphic designs for numerous landmark mosques in North America. His goal when creating any of his artwork is to emphasize the mystical nature and sheer beauty of the calligraphic scripts as well as deliver a thought provoking message or idea.

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